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Five Ways to Get Outside to Beat the Winter Blahs

The shorter, darker days of winter can take a toll. But according to The  TurfMutt Foundation  and its spokesdog, Mulligan the TurfMutt, there is an easy fix for a case of the winter blahs. Get outside.  “It’s hard to argue with a dog’s enthusiasm for spending time outside, and there are many good reasons to follow their lead, even in winter,” says Kris Kiser, president and CEO of The TurfMutt Foundation, which advocates taking care of and using the green space in our own backyards and community parks. “My dog, Mulligan the TurfMutt, loves the snow and wants to be outside. Even when it’s cold, she motivates me and all of TurfMutt Nation to get outside all year long,” Exposure to cold temperatures increases your energy levels and can sharpen your mental focus. Cold weather can also reduce inflammation and swelling; think if it like a cold plunge bath or ice pack for your entire body. Spending time outside fires up your metabolism, and you actually burn more calories when it’s cold than