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ECE Development Canada's 4 New Workshops

As a childcare provider we are obligated to continue to learn throughout the years so we can teach to our full potential.  We need to stay on top of new educational techniques, behavioural changes, social responsibilities, and engaging environments to ensure we are being the best caregivers we can be.  The  ECE Development Canada  has an assortment of courses available to providers to earn hours towards their professional development. If you aren’t a registered ECE you can also take the courses to elevate yourself  and provide the best version of yourself for the families you work for!  ECE Development Canada is excited to unveil an extended range of tailored professional development opportunities aimed at enhancing your expertise in Early Childhood Education. As advocates for ongoing learning, we are pleased to introduce four innovative workshops crafted to elevate your skills and deepen your insights: Building a Strong Foundation in Mathematics for Young Learners:  Explore the essent

The Best & Cheapest Snow Colouring Liquid Ever

We absolutely love the snow here and it is going to be a winter wonderland for a while where we live. We are always trying to find new and exciting ways to enjoy the snow and learn at the same time. Creating the most exciting and educational experience can sometimes take some imagination and creativity, luckily I have both! We create all kinds of  winter activities for kids  of all ages to enjoy, hopefully you have fun with this too. I love to create art with my little crew and outside opens up all new mediums and discoveries to add to our artistic explorations. I love to paint and colour with them and it can be expensive if you have to continuously buy art supplies so how do we create the perfect snow paint without costing a fortune? Here is how: Wilton food colouring gel Spray bottles Water Paint tools and accessories  That’s it! Mix up batches of colour and let the kids run wild with creativity. Put the colour into spray bottles or water guns and let them spray the snow, if they are

Tricks To Finding A Daycare Space

I get calls everyday for people looking for a daycare spot and it is exhausting to turn people away everyday. So what is the trick to getting into a daycare if there is a shortage of childcare workers in your area? If you are trying to find childcare in the Okanagan it can be an overwhelming task. We have a huge shortage of childcare workers and our city is growing at a rapid rate. So how do you  find a great daycare space  for your family and what should you look for?  When searching for a daycare you want to ensure it’s the right fit for you and your family because this person is essentially helping to raise your child. Take your time while looking even if you are in a hurry because not everyone has the same methods, beliefs or attitudes towards how a child should be raised. What works for them may clash with what you want for your child. Plus you want your child to have fun at daycare while learning about life so look for the best fit for that important factor. Are you looking for