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Great Design Ideas For Home Daycare Spaces

 Picking the best decor for your daycare is critical to enjoying your space everyday while you work. Making the walls bright and cheerful can help invite the kids into a comforting environment and let them get comfortable with you in your home.  You can choose to go the educational route and make the space look like school or keep it basic and just add splashes of colour. It all depends on your style of childcare and how you teach.  This is a great article on interior design ideas to choose for a kids setting or bedroom.  You can choose to incorporate animals, famous characters in stories and tv shows, colours of the rainbow, and even have themed areas throughout the rooms to give a different vibe through every door.  You can be completely neutral through the home or create designs based on both genders. So whether you are designing a girls bedroom or decorating a boys bedroom or combining the best of both worlds there are so many excellent ideas. Adding sensory walls and features th