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Valentine’s Day Candle Craft

Valentine’s Day is coming up and parents are so important to celebrate during this holiday and parents should celebrate their kids. Valentine’s Day should be focused on family and not just couples. When we do Valentine’s Day we always make an out of the box, unique gift that we collaborate to create together. We usually have a great  Valentine’s Day party  to enjoy the festivities as well!  This year we made black heart candles with concrete thumbprint heart burner plates. Super cute! I create candles and concrete as a side hustle at my wonderful business  What The Funk Creative Creations  so I have all kinds of neat mold shapes to create all kinds of fun items!  You will need:  A rubber mold or small plate Paint Wax Candle mold  Or you can buy a candle and do the same thing First pour the concrete into the coaster mold, allow it to completely set while you pour your candle.  Insert your wick through the center of the mold. Melt down the wax and pour it into the mold. Allow it to set c