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Autism Awareness Week - The benefits of outdoor music for people with autism

HOW CREATING MUSIC OUTDOORS CAN SUPPORT PEOPLE WITH AUTISM In honor of World Autism Awareness Week, running  from 27 th  March to 2 nd  April ,  Percussion Play  is highlighting the healing power of playing music in the great outdoors and how it can support people with Autism. It is well-known that playing musical instruments lifts people’s moods and creates a powerful sense of well-being.  Music therapy has been shown to significantly improve communication for those with a wide range of disabilities and health conditions.  Numerous studies have concluded that there is a strong positive correlation between exposure to music and improved well-being for autistic people. Being outside also enhances our mood and in the case of autistic people, the positive effects of being outdoors can be significant. One study concluded that music therapy sessions in an outdoor environment can ‘improve children’s peer interaction’.  Another study reported seven primary benefits of being outdoors for autis

Easter Eggstravaganza – West Kelowna

Enjoy a morning full of fun at Easter Eggstravaganza. Grab your game kit, play some games, hunt some eggs, visit the Easter  Bunny, and hold a baby chick or duckling! This popular event fills up quickly so don’t delay. Date:  Saturday, April 1, 2023 Time 1:  9:00 – 10:30 am Time 2:  11:00 am – 12:30 pm Cost:  $5/child Ages:  For children 10 years and under Location:  Multi-Sport Dome, 2139 McDougall Road Everyone attending must register by calling  778-797-8800  or going to .

Get Ready for Spring & Summer “Backyarding:” Keep Safety in Mind

“Backyarding”—the art of taking indoor activities to the outdoors—is a trend that has caught on. As winter begins to wind down, thoughts of playing in and working in our yards often kick into high gear. Perhaps you are already dreaming of family gatherings, grilling and eating in your backyard. Or maybe you wish to add a yoga zone, design an outdoor movie theater, or build an agility course for your pet this year. Or perhaps this is the year you wish to add a pollinator garden or plant a vegetable or flower garden. Or are you hoping to get that outdoor office setup with extended WiFi?  Knowing the purpose of your yard and how it will meet the needs of your family and pets is a great start to getting “backyard ready” for these warmer weather activities. Also, knowing your climate zone and the mix of trees, shrubs, grass and flowering plants that will grow sustainably is key to designing a dream yard. After all, our yards are not only an oasis for family but also for wildlife and importa