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Keepsake Time Capsule Ornament

  This year we decided to make adorable time capsule ornaments and they are probably the easiest ornaments I have ever made with my daycare group!  All you need is: Clear ornaments that you can put stuff in ( these ones are my favourite )  Snowflakes or sparkly glitter Ribbon  Photos of children Simply take each child and measure their height using the ribbon.  Cut the photos to fit into the ball.  Let the kids add their own sparkles and snowflakes into the ball.  Slide the ribbon and photo into the ball after writing “This ribbon is as tall as I am” with the date and child’s name.  That’s it. Simple craft for those who prefer not to get messy and it is absolutely adorable! Parents and families will love these as gifts as well. 

Reindeer Ornament Craft

Another adorable craft to put up on the tree this year featuring a cute little reindeer face. This one is also great as a window decoration as well as the sun or light comes through the cellophane to create a bit of a sun catcher.  To create this cute little deer you need: Popsicle sticks Glue Googly eyes Ribbon or string Cellophane or paper Construction paper  Pompoms Begin by tracing out the little ones hands onto brown construction paper for your antlers. Glue three popsicle sticks into a triangle. Cut the cellophane or paper into the triangle shape to fill in the centre. Add the eyes and nose, we went with red for “Rudolph” but you can use black or any colour really if you like.  Glue the antlers onto the back side as well as a string or ribbon for hanging.  That’s it, enjoy your adorable new keepsake reindeer ornament! 

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

  We love to create simple crafts at daycare and this one sure is cute. It only takes a small amount of prep and can be a wonderful keepsake or gift for the holidays!  Start by cutting the round ends off of some of the sticks and then cut them into halves and quarters for as many levels of tree you want to create. Have the kids paint them green or silver or any colour you like.  Let them dry and then glue them from big to small and let the kids decorate them afterwards if you like.  Add a ribbon and now it’s Christmas tree ready!  These great craft ideas will help keep your little ones busy this holiday season as well!