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Making Cookies With Leftover Halloween Candy

I love baking when it’s cold out and teaching the kids how to bake is such a great educational experience! They learn to mix, count, and begin to explore scientific facts. This is such a great way to incorporate home cooking and a whole new interest that may blossom into something big one day.  The little bakers were very excited to hear we were going to be making cookies today and it helps to take up a large portion of our morning. I love to use up all our old Halloween candy in this way so that the kids aren’t just eating junk food for a month afterwards. So this round I gathered up all the smarties and dumped them into a large container.  I used this wonderful recipe for  Smartie cookies  but kept the white chocolate out. You could use any kind of chocolate in exchange for smarties but that’s what we used this time.  While the kids waited for the cookies to bake they coloured their own cookies using round cutouts of brown construction paper. It’s always a good idea to use some  litt

Remembrance Day Craft For Toddlers

We love to do something special for each and every holiday and Remembrance Day is so important to us as a community it just made sense to create a unique piece that can be taken home and enjoyed year after year!  I like to make crafts that can displayed and kept year after year so this year we made cute grave marker crosses and poppies. The kids didn’t quite understand the project but that is ok they have plenty of time to learn about our fallen heroes when they are older. I simply explained that grandmas and grandpas who are no longer with us or lived a long time ago needed a special day to remember things they did years ago.  To create our cross I cut out cardboard into evenly sized strips, added some tape and glue and had the kids paint them in a pretty silver colour. After that we created our poppies from cupcake wrappers.  Then we waited for our cross to dry and printed out a soldier taking a knee next to one of his fallen companions. We glued the soldier and the poppies to the cr