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Baby's first food is a very exciting time. Get the camera ready to capture those funny faces and messy hands!  Like all new things, parents often wonder where to start. Here are some common questions and answers. How do I know when my baby is ready for solid foods? Your baby is ready at about six months and when he or she: sits, leans forward and holds her head up watches and opens her mouth for the spoon  does not always push food out of her mouth with her tongue can turn head away to let you know when she doesn't want to be fed can pick food up and bring it to her mouth What food is best to start with? Start with high iron foods like well-cooked, finely minced or tender pieces of meat, poultry or fish, iron-fortified infant cereal, cooked egg, lentils, beans or tofu. Next you can begin to offer vegetables, fruit, cheese and plain yogurt, and a variety of whole grains. Try a variety of textures: smooth, mashed, lumpy, tender cooked, minced, and soft finger food


Let's face it. Eating with a toddler can be stressful, especially at dinner time. Even though spilling and throwing food, picky eating, and crankiness are all normal, they can be hard to face each evening. But, your toddler benefits so much from eating with you, it is worth it to find ways to create happy and stress-free mealtimes.   Where to start? Move your focus from what your child is eating to simply enjoying each other's company. It is amazing how much stress is lifted when you let go of being concerned about how much or what your child will eat. Plan for early dinners. Toddlers can be ticking time bombs after 5 p.m. If dinner is running late, offer a light pre-dinner snack to prevent your toddler from becoming overhungry. Involve your toddler in the dinner conversation; keep it fun. Keep distractions at a minimum. Turn off the TV and cell phone. Don't allow toys at the table.  Expect a mess and have wipes handy to catch large spills. Pick up food tha

Childcare Available in West Kelowna!

Are you looking for childcare between the hours of 9am and 1:30pm? I have spots available for 4 children between the ages of 1 to 5 years old as a drop in friends.  How Does Drop In Work ? Drop in is perfect for parents who have errands to do, house work to be done, or just need alone time. It is also a great option to begin socializing your child before Kindergarten starts or to begin that dreadful separation anxiety that every parent knows is coming.  You will register your child in the center and then call ahead each day to see if I have space available.  Rates are: $ 60 per day Call or Text: 250-859-0957 or Email: