Baby's first food is a very exciting time. Get the camera ready to capture those funny faces and messy hands! 

Like all new things, parents often wonder where to start. Here are some common questions and answers.

How do I know when my baby is ready for solid foods?

Your baby is ready at about six months and when he or she:
  • sits, leans forward and holds her head up
  • watches and opens her mouth for the spoon 
  • does not always push food out of her mouth with her tongue
  • can turn head away to let you know when she doesn't want to be fed
  • can pick food up and bring it to her mouth
What food is best to start with?
Start with high iron foods like well-cooked, finely minced or tender pieces of meat, poultry or fish, iron-fortified infant cereal, cooked egg, lentils, beans or tofu. Next you can begin to offer vegetables, fruit, cheese and plain yogurt, and a variety of whole grains.

Try a variety of textures: smooth, mashed, lumpy, tender cooked, minced, and soft finger foods, starting at six months of age.

Continue to offer high iron foods at least twice a day.

How should I offer solid food to my baby?
Choose a time when your baby is content, interested and alert. You can offer food by spoon or you can place food on your baby's tray to explore with her palms and fingers at her own pace. When using a spoon hold it so your baby can see it. Let her touch the spoon and help guide it to her mouth. Babies love to feed themselves at their own pace, using their fingers and hands. They make a mess feeding themselves, but this is an important part of learning to eat.

For more information on feeding babies solid foods see:


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