ECE Development Canada's 4 New Workshops

As a childcare provider we are obligated to continue to learn throughout the years so we can teach to our full potential.  We need to stay on top of new educational techniques, behavioural changes, social responsibilities, and engaging environments to ensure we are being the best caregivers we can be. 

The ECE Development Canada has an assortment of courses available to providers to earn hours towards their professional development. If you aren’t a registered ECE you can also take the courses to elevate yourself  and provide the best version of yourself for the families you work for! 

ECE Development Canada is excited to unveil an extended range of tailored professional development opportunities aimed at enhancing your expertise in Early Childhood Education. As advocates for ongoing learning, we are pleased to introduce four innovative workshops crafted to elevate your skills and deepen your insights:

  1. Building a Strong Foundation in Mathematics for Young Learners: Explore the essential elements of building a robust mathematical foundation for young learners. Gain practical strategies and hands-on activities to enhance mathematical understanding in early childhood. Enroll in the workshop:

  2. Fostering a Love for Science in Young Minds: Acquire valuable insights and techniques to foster a love for science in the minds of young learners. Discover engaging activities and inquiry-based approaches to ignite curiosity and exploration. Register for the workshop:

  3. The Power of Music and Movement in Early Childhood Development: Dive into the transformative impact of music and movement in early childhood development. Learn how to integrate these elements effectively to enhance cognitive, social, and emotional growth in young children. Learn more about the workshop:
  4. The Value of Art in Early Childhood Development: Delve into the significance of art in early childhood development. Explore creative and expressive art activities that contribute to cognitive and fine motor skill development. Join us in discovering the value of art:

These workshops, combined with our existing suite, offer a diverse selection to meet your professional development needs. ECE Development Canada's virtual platform provides the flexibility to expand your knowledge from any location, at your convenience.

Upon enrollment, you'll have a generous 52-week timeframe to complete materials and the online quiz. Successful completion earns you an immediate certificate of participation, validating your commitment to professional development.

Notably, our workshops are recognized by the ECE registries in British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. Join over 4,800 Canadian ECEs actively engaged in learning with us nationwide.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your skills and maintain your position at the forefront of the Early Childhood Education field. Enroll in our virtual workshops today and embark on a continuous journey of professional development. To explore more offerings and register, please visit:


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