Asthma Is Not Stopping Me Featuring Fabulous Me, Piper Lee

Asthma Is Not Stopping Me! is the newest release featuring Piper Lee in the award-winning Smarties Books Series. Emergency room physician’s assistant Tolya Thompson teaches that learning through laughter is the best way to instill a lifelong love of knowledge in children.

Once limited by the wheezing and chest tightness of asthma, Piper Lee with the assistance her inner voice, MeMe tell a triumphant tale of controlling asthma and living life to its fullest.

Piper Lee’s message to all those with asthma is, “Never let asthma stop you from doing your thing! Enjoy life to the fullest!”

Through creative, rhyming text and eye‐popping illustrations, this message is delivered in a fun, engaging style. 

You can run, jump, swim, snowboard, dance, become a mastermind and do anything in the world you want if you take control of asthma.

Piper and MeMe and discover how children with asthma can be unstoppable with the proper medication and lifestyle changes.

Asthma Is Not Stopping Me, Featuring Fabulous Me, Piper Lee
Tolya L. Thompson
Illustrated by Terence Gaylor

List $16.95
8.5 x 11 • full color illustrations
hard cover • dust jacket
ISBN 978-0-9708296-8-9

Children and adults join Piper Lee on her adventures of health issues seen in the emergency room and discover how to stay healthy, fabulous and ER free.

The ‘Smarties Page’ included in the back of each book provides Symptoms, Reactions, Treatments and Prevention for children and parents to get wise to the facts of asthma and discover how to stay healthy, fabulous and ER free.

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About the Author and Illustrator

Tolya Thompson received a Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Med Biology from Southern University A&M College in Louisiana, performed research at the University of Colorado in the Department of Dermatology, then moved to New York and graduated from Weill Medical College of Cornell University’s Physician Assistant Program. After receiving board certifications in medicine and surgery she interned at Ms. Magazine under the mentorship of the legendary Editor-in-Chief, Marcia Gillespie.

She works in the ER at the Sutter Roseville Medical Center in Roseville, California.  She established and directs the Fabulous Me Campaign to increase health literacy and bringing children and families to greater understanding of many health issues that impact children.

Illustrator Terence Gaylor has worked in London and New York City for the past thirty years as a professional illustrator. Terence got his start working on storyboards and cartoon illustration in London. After moving to NYC Terence joined an advertising agency and mastered package illustration for kids. His ambitions eventually moved him back to London where he developed expertise in 3D while creating the art and animation for online games specifically for gaming companies. Terence is skilled in Cheetah 3D, Cinema 4D, Maya, Photoshop, Flash and Illustrator.  

What People Are Saying

“Piper is an engaging and energetic girl. Every child can relate to her. Readers will learn about Piper’s experience with asthma and the various factors and triggers that contribute to her asthma. Although asthma is a serious condition, it does not have to interfere with a child’s quality of life if they appropriately use their medications and are aware of their triggers.”

—Purvi Parikh, M.D., Clinical Instructor of Medicine and Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine, Allergist/immunologist at Allergy and Asthma Associates of Murray Hill, researcher/founder of Parikh Institute of Research

“The Piper Lee series is a fun, colorful way to teach even my youngest patients that although they may have asthma, there is no need to limit daily activities. Allergy & Asthma Network truly is my partner in educating patients with allergies and asthma!”

—Maeve E. O’Connor, M.D., FACAAI, Board of Regents, AAIR of Charlotte

Praise for Tolya’s first book -- Fabulous Me, Piper Lee and The Peanut Butter Itch…

“Piper’s experience having an allergic reaction to peanuts helps to teach young children with food allergies, in a lighthearted and non-threatening manner, important lessons about avoiding allergic reactions and getting prompt treatment should a reaction occur. This fun-to-read and easy-to-understand journey, with adorable Piper at its center, is a great launching point for discussing food allergy with children. Highly recommended!”

—Scott H. Sicherer, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, researcher at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and author of Understanding and Managing your child’s food allergies

“Piper’s story is a wonderful way for children to learn about peanut allergy. The illustrations, as well as the storyline, make the book interesting and engaging, and will help kids to take away some important lessons. I would certainly recommend this book as a go-to for parents who have kids with peanut allergy!”

Hansa Bhargava, MD, Medical Director, FIT, The Child Wellness Initiative, Medical Editor- Pediatrics WebMD


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