Ways To Dress For Success When Your A Busy Parent

As parents we are always flying out the door to get to our next scheduled activity or play date with friends. Getting our kids out the door on time is usually top priority making our hair, makeup and clothing fall to the side lines. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and dressing in our sweats and t shirts once in a while but what if we need to look too notch for a certain event or job opportunity? 

Networking can happen almost anywhere and even when you are not looking somebody might be looking for perspective clients or new hires? You may be able to connect with new clients and contacts for future business endeavours. Dressing with fashion in mind could help you to be seen as a more respectable and desired person for the role in question. There is wholesale shapewear for every body type and desired look.  This doesn’t mean you can’t still be comfortable but keep these tips in mind when you are headed out for your next activity as a busy parent.

Stay clean and well kept. 

Keep your hair out of your face, neatly combed and avoid wearing stained or ripped clothing when heading out the door. These choices are fine when you are solely hanging out with friends and family and just being comfortable but if you are in any way seeking to look professional this is not the time for comfy clothes. You can still wear pieces that are more relaxed fitting and give you room to move around just be conscious of stains, rips, and messy looks.

Avoid profanity or explicit branding.

Now may not be the time to wear your f*** Trudeau shirt or Coors light hat. Think about the brands you are promoting and what a business professional might get from the designs you chose. Even something as simple as a branded cup holder can send the wrong message to certain companies. Stick to solid colours, plain pieces, unbranded accessories. If you maintain a simple wardrobe when seeking professional people you won’t send the wrong message or promote the wrong type of demeanour. Wearing a sport suit women can still look professional while working out and being active, you don’t have to have unprofessional workout attire. 

Keep it simple. 

You might have a very unique style and aggressive flare when you are out on the town with friends but when you are trying to stay professional don’t accessorize like a drummer in a rock band. Keep your jewels to a minimum and accessories sleek to avoid looking too over the top. You want to look well put together rather than the show stopper at a rave.

Keep yourself covered up.

If you are looking for a professional approach out in public try to keep your clothes on. Wear pieces that cover up intimate parts of your body, unless you are at the beach or the pool it’s not time to show off your assets. If you have issues keeping things together it may be time to try some shape wear. You can find wholesale high waisted leggings that help tuck in muffin tops or hide unsightly butt cracks that tend to show themselves at the worst possible times. If you buy them wholesale you will have options for years to come, or you could get them for a discount and sell them as a side hustle. 


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