Spring activities we love!

Spring time is such an amazing season filled with fun and excitement. The weather is getting warm, the animals and bugs are all busy waking up and getting back to their usual activities and the kids are watching everything happen in pure wonder and curiosity! 

Our favourite activities in the spring have to be making sun catcher crafts, playing with nature and observing different creatures around the yard. 

Getting the kids involved in creature finding with buckets is a great way to show them what is crawling and creeping in the mud and grass. These little bug catchers are perfect! 

Making rainbow leaf prints was a huge hit with both parents and kids! Such a fun craft to do and see when it is done.

The best paint to use is gonna depend on how much you want to clean up after but I found a decent washable paint that is very vibrant on amazon! 

Check out this great post on how to raise independent kids

What are your favourite things to do in the spring with your little ones? 


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