Encouraging Reading As Entertainment Instead Of Screens

Trying t on get my kids to read books is nearly impossible now that they are older and have cell phones and tablets. I have been fighting a losing battle and it seems I will never raise avid readers. I kept trying to encourage it and continue to encourage it as I run my daycare, it only works for so long but I will not give up. I use special tricks to encourage the kids to read and they absolutely love it, so try some of these to encourage reading more often!

Themed books (Here is a list of The Best Halloween Kids Books)

Comfy reading spaces, blankets, jammie days!

Look and find books are always popular with little ones 

Give books as gifts and take the time to read with them

Setup a designated time to read together before bed

Bring books on trips and adventures

Use books for researching people and places you visit

Always encourage kids to pick up a book and read, if they ever find a series they like try to nourish it and help the love grow by making it a big deal. Reading is becoming a thing of the past and kids are going to lose one of the greatest pieces of history, the love of a good book! 

Happy reading, I hope you have luck encouraging your kids to read more! 


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