Pumpkin Necklace Craft

We love to get crafty here in our daycare and getting creative with items we have on hand is one of our best talents. I always try to use the items I have in my home before buying anything new, not only does it help to save money on craft supplies but it helps to declutter and spark creativity. 

This week we made jack o lantern necklaces using ping pong balls and they turned out super cute. The ping pong balls are big enough that even the little ones can wear them while being supervised without worrying about whether or not they are going to choke. 

I used a drill to create a hole on either side and then strung it through the ball. I helped he little ones create a face on their necklace but if you have bigger kids you can definitely allow them to colour their own or use stickers to decorate.

You could also slip in a small glow stick before putting it on the string to create a glow necklace as well. 

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