Happy Child Care Month!

May 2024 is Child Care Month in B.C. alongside May 10 as Child Care Provider Appreciation Day. This month we’re honoured to thank you, the many dedicated child care professionals, providers and partners, for the valuable services you provide and the significant contributions you make to support families and children in your community.

Child Care Month is also a time to reflect on the many achievements and milestones that have been achieved over the six years since the inception of the ChildCareBC Plan in 2018!

Show some love to the ones raising your kids while you’re hard at work! 

If you are curious about daycare and may want to start looking into enrolling you should read this article about finding the best childcare centre

The staff at large daycare centres work hard everyday to raise kids to be well behaved, inquisitive, adventurous human beings. To show your appreciation and celebrate your staff this month you should host a party and play this wonderful daycare photo shoot game

If you’re a parent and have no time to get your life organized you could try this last minute gift idea to make your providers day better. 

Whatever you do to show the daycare providers in your life some love this month remember, it’s not an easy job so appreciate them for what they do and let the know what they are worth! 


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